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The Global Innovation Exchange is a global online marketplace for innovations, funding, insights, resources, and conversations, allowing the world to better work together to address humanity’s greatest challenges.
Global Innovation Exchange (GIE)
is a global development technology platform for innovations, funding, and insights. GIE’s mission is to help scale the most promising innovations by utilizing its ever-growing database of information to serve as a reliable fundraising resource for global development innovations, as well as a source of credible innovation data for the international development community.
IFIA has recently become the partner of the Global Innovation Exchange
in order to provide its resources to a wider range of inventors. IFIA activities in the field of women, youth, green inventions, and invention-related training offer an outstanding opportunity for other organizations to benefit from and utilize them for solving the existing challenges. Since IFIA members in various states have their own specific resources and potentials to provide for the inventors around the world while enjoying the other experience in the relevant areas, we highly recommend the members to create an account and organization file in this website and register their events there in order to receive higher visibility. Moreover, awareness is raised about the event which attracts further participation.
Here are a few tips to help you get started
Create an account with a personal email or a general organizational email address (

Organization profile and be sure to use the account you created in Step 1 as the Point of Contact.

And when you add content to the Exchange be it an Innovation, Funding Opportunity, Resource, or Event, please make sure to “tag” that content with IFIA under Related Organization or Partner Organization.