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What is Innovation Summit?
The Innovation Summit in Egypt is organized by the Egyptian Council for Creativity, Innovation & Intellectual Property Protection (ECCIPP) and supported by International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) and The World Fund for Development and Planning (WFDP) which is affiliated to United Nations. It is sponsored by many national academic institutes, industry, NGOs and other parties in Egypt & world wide.
The summit will include Inventors and Jury from different countries. In addition to exhibiting inventions, workshops & lectures will be held. Living expenses and accommodation is suitable for low budget visitors and students will get discounted registration fees. Medals and certificates of appreciation will be provided. It is going to be a great opportunity to connect inventors with investors and businessmen.
The University is 32 km from downtown Cairo. The total number of students in the University is about 14,085 from 48 different nationalities.
The ECCIPP is working to spread the awareness and enhance the knowledge of the Egyptian and Arab community of the importance of the intellectual property protection and information protection also, considering identity themes from the national perspective, and maintaining public interest with our commitment and respect for all international treaties in this regard.
Why in Cairo?
Cairo is the strategic location between Africa, Asia and Europe and the heart of ancient Egypt, which is a dream holiday for all ages with the Nile, the fantastic weather (about 25ºC in September) and the spectacular Nile cruise. The total area of the October 6 University campus amounts to 170,000 square meters with nice gardens & ample car parking space.
Ms. Margot Sandy, a product development engineer and Amazon bestselling author will make a workshop entitled "New Product Development Workshop" alongside Innovation Summit in Egypt. This workshop is supported by both IFIA and In the Now LLC You can find her biography in the following link:
Details of the workshop:
New Product Development Workshop A World Traveler that provides a FUN, INTERACTIVE experience to help entrepreneurs and business owners CREATE physical PRODUCTS and help them thrive! Length: 2 hours Participants: Max 200 Participants Will Receive: Certificate of Completion and Best Selling Book, If You Build It, LIFE Will Come