Innovation Summit in Egypt, 15 - 17 September 2017, October 6 University Campus, Cairo, Egypt
Report - Innovation Summit in Egypt
The first Innovation Summit in Egypt was organized by the Egyptian Council for Creativity, Innovation and Intellectual Property Protection (ECCIPP), and held in partnership with the October 6 University. It was Supported by the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA) and powered by The World Fund for Development and Planning (WFDP) which is affiliated to the United Nations. The event was held in the October 6 University library during the period from 15 to 17 September 2017. It is sponsored by 25 academic institutes, industry, NGOs and other parties in Egypt & worldwide.
The summit hosted 64 inventors providing 94 inventions, ideas and novel research in different fields like technology, engineering, medical, science, education...etc from 12 countries (UK, India, USA, Georgia, KSA, Netherlands, Italy, Canada, Germany, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia). More than 600 visitor visited the summit including student, university staff, investors, families & others.
Special Thanks for the international jury including Prof. Khatuna Saganelidze. Dr. Bidzina Kanashvili, Dr. Sameh Ansara, Dr. Samer Abussa, Ms. Margot Sandy Mr. James, Prof. Nabil Elsahy & Dr. Ashraf Fansa for their presence from 6 countries (Georgia, UK, Italy, USA, Ireland, Egypt), The Jury awarded the inventors for their inventions with gold, silver and bronze medals. In addition to certificates of appreciation. Also we appreciated the keynote guests for their presence; Major General Farouk Alm El-Din the former field second army commander and Dr. Hosny Saber Chairman of the Medical Committee of the Academy of Scientific Research and technology in Egypt, Mr. Mostafa El-Asmar one of remarkable Egyptian businessmen , in addition to Prof. Ahmed Attia the president of October 6 University, Ambassador Dr. Kheireldin Abdellatif former assistant foreign minister & vice chairman of the board of trustees October 6 university, in addition to deans of faculties of October 6 University.
The summit helped inventors through lectures on patents protection, intellectual property and innovation in scientific fields, workshops on entrepreneurship and development of inventions, including The most important is the workshop "New Product Development Workshop" by Ms. Margot Sandy, a product development engineer and Amazon bestselling author. This workshop is supported by both IFIA and In the Now LLC. A World Traveler that provides a FUN, INTERACTIVE experience to help entrepreneurs and business owners CREATE physical PRODUCTS and help them thrive! Participants received Certificate of Completion. In addition to medical section with the novel research published in international journals.
Program of the summit: The first day of summit started with: registration and setup for posters and stands then the official opening for Exhibition, after that Initiative entitled: “No Obstacles With Creativity” then Session on Innovative Research, Inventions Presentations & Lecture titled: “How to File a Patent”.
The second day in the morning started with: tour and evaluation by a panel of international judges parallels with Live surgery on Technological advancements for bilateral simultaneous total knee replacement using patient specific templates by Prof. Mahmoud Hafez. After that, session on scientific novel research and invention presentations at lecture hall then workshop titled: “New product development workshop” by Ms. Margot Sandy, USA. At the end of the day another invention tour and evaluation by a panel of international judges.
The Third day started with: invention tour and evaluation by a panel of international judges parallels with session on Innovative research. After that Round Table discussion about novel ideas in military practice in Egypt, especially during the war of October 6 by Major General Farouk Alm El-Din, then educational lecture on: “The Experience in Egypt for Innovation Development and Commercialization”. At the end, the Award Ceremony attended by international and Egyptian guests then the Closing ceremony and final inventions with recommendations from jury.
List of sponsor:
  1. International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA)
  2. The World Fund for Development and Planning (WFDP)
  3. October 6 University
  4. Faculty of Medicine, October 6 University
  5. Bone & Joint Centre, October 6 University
  6. CMRDI, Ministry of Scientific Research & Technology
  7. Ebdaa Association for training and Human Resource Development
  8. Amar Ya Masr
  9. MeduProf, Holland
  10. Al Mohsen Medical Charity
  11. Rowad El-Tamayoz.
  12. ICCSS
  13. Egyptian Youth Hostels Association
  14. New Vision University, Tiblisi, Georgia
  15. Canadian Cardiac Care, Toronto, Canada
  16. Teaching University Geomedi, Georgia
  17. Enactus
  18. Gamma Knife Centre
  19. UNHCR
  20. Students’ Cultural Committee, October 6 University
  21. SurgiNovi, UK
  22. EMRA
  23. TAHOUN
  24. The Egyptian Inventor Syndicate
  25. Arab Creators Division